EVO6000 Series - Accurate & Ultimate Motor Driving Technology !

- Compact vector AC drives
- V/F and Sensorless Voltage Vector Control(SVVC)
- 32 bit high speed MCU
- 150% overloap
- 150% starting torque at 1Hz in SVVC mode
- Compact size design
- Allows side-by-side installation
- Provides terminal of DC bus for external DC reactor and braking module
- Fanless design or quick release fan for easy maintenance
- Optional remote keypad for easy monitoring and setting
- Supports various industrial communications
- EMI filter avoids interference



Control Method
V/F, Sensorless voltage vector control(SVVC)
Ouput Frequency
1~300 Hz
Frequency Accuracy
Digital reference: within ±0.01% of the Max. output freqeuncy
Analog reference: within ±0.1% of max. output frequency(-10℃ to +50℃)
Frequency Resolution
Digital input: 0.01Hz
Analog Output: 1/1000 of max. frequency
Starting Torque
150% / 3Hz (V/F)
150% / 1Hz(SVVC)
Speed Control Range
1: 40 (V/F)
1: 100 (SVVC )
Acc./Dec. Time
0.0 ~ 3600.0
Braking Torque
approx. 20%
V/F Patterm
15 fixed and 1 programmable
Overload Capacity
150% for 1 min. within every 10 min.
Parameter Function
Overtorque/Undertorque Detection, Multi-Speed Operation, Acc./Dec. Switch, S-Curve Acc./Dec., 3-Wire Sequence Control, Auto-Tuning, Cooling Fan ON/OFF Switch, Slip Compensation, Torque Compensation, Frequency Jump, Upper/Lower Limits for Frequency Command, DC Braking at Run/Stop, PID Control including Pause Function, Energy Saving Mode, Fault Restart, Traverse, etc.
Area of Use
Indoor without corrosive gas/liquid or flammable gas/liquid/oil mist/dust
Ambient Temperature
-10℃ to +50℃, below 90% RH without froze or condensation


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DocumentEC Declaration of Conformity-004-4786762069 (6000 Frame 1)
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DocumentEC Declaration of Conformity-004-4786762069 (6000 Frame 2)
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DocumentUL Certification for EVO6000 400V Class
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